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>> more anger in egypt, police fired tear gas into the protests. hello, again, everyone. you are watching al-jazeera live. french troops in the city. rubble's lose strategic ground, they are forced from their northern myanmar stronghold. >> 30 years after the end of the vietnam war, former enemies make amends. more on the relationship between
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the u.s. and vietnam, coming up. >> but we begin with breaking news, just in dozens have reportedly died in a nightclub fire in southern brazil. gabriel is on the line with the smell. gabriel, i have a number of conflicting reports. i will turn it over to you. what do you know? >> the latest we have heard is that local officials in the town are still counting the bodies from this nightclub fire, but they are apparently telling local media that the death toll will be at least 90 people killed, from what looks like an absolutely tragic fire that occurred at 2:30 a.m. local time in this town of santa maria, in southern brazil, 200
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kilometers from the state capital. we are told the night club was packed with hundreds, hundreds of people, mostly young people. it is a college town. there was some sort of fire and that hundreds could have been transported to area hospitals with interest -- with injuries. all of these stories are just learning to come out. again, this town is in the very southern portion of brazil. local officials are saying that they think that there could be at least 90 people killed but that they are still counting the bodies. >> help me in the news flow on this. you said that the fire occurred at 2:30 a.m. local time. what time is it now? >> it is about 8:00 and there. >> ok, all right.
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we're talking about daylight hours. you will be getting official information as to how many people were injured and killed, that is still to come? >> that is right. why it is a little hard to get these numbers is because this is a fairly small town, about 300 kilometers from the state capital. you know, the initial reports from early this morning are telling us that there was some sort of fire in the nightclub, but clearly with the types of injuries and numbers we are talking about, local officials are just overwhelmed at the first response, presumably, so we are starting to really hear from the local officials talking to media, saying listen, we think there will be at least 90. that is the latest we are hearing. >> gabriel on the line with us there. as you give us information, give
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us a shout and we will update the story. thank you. thousands of people are marching at the funerals for those who died in egyptian clashes. many were calling for the downfall of the government. troops had been sent in to the city on saturday to quell the unrest. these are live pictures we're looking at now. this began earlier, 21 people sentenced to death for their role in a riot last february between supporters of riot foot -- of rival football teams. this friday is the second anniversary of the revolution, this was the scene where security forces fired tear grip -- tear gas early on sunday. demonstrators fired through a police station on saturday in a port city. the government has portrayed the revolution on sunday morning where anti-government protesters went up against them
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for a third day. mike is in cairo for us. let's start here. last time we talked about several cities being a tinderbox. we have laid out the story. the national defense council, meant to discuss the security situation in the country. what can out of that meeting? >> it was made clear that the events in egypt at the moment will fall under the control of the national defense council. this is a body composed of government ministers and representatives from both houses of parliament, as well as military commanders and the head of military intelligence. this body has not been seen operating publicly since it was created last year. very clearly, it is the supervising was happening on the
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ground. rejected by most of the opposition movement, claiming that they reserve the right to impose a state of emergency in particular areas, should they wish to do so. there was no threat to do so immediately, but they made it clear that they would use the option if the situation on the ground continued to deteriorate. >> we want to get more on the situation from cairo, we have live pictures. i was following you on twitter yesterday, and we were seeing some pictures of some scuffles and skirmishes. i will let you describe the situation from your vantage point. >> today we are seeing funeral processions for 24 of the 32
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people who were killed in the clashes outside. all along it was expected to be a tense atmosphere at the funerals and that security would be a primary issue. during the procession people were chanting redeeming or die, -- chanting -- redeemed them or die like them. walking to the streets, we are talking about thousands of people here. as they passed by, unidentified assailants started shooting into the air, which is when the police responded by firing tear gas in every direction. >> as we take a look at these pictures, it looks tents. how hot is the city right now judging by the pictures and
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reflecting on your reporting yesterday, it sounds like and looks like it would not take much to set this area off-again. >> i would argue that it does not get any hotter than this. it is pretty intense in the city. there is a strong sense of marginal as asian and victimization. almost everyone we have spoken to pace for the price of placating at the price of saving cairo. this, course, is the limit of perspective of the people here, as those who were sentenced to death on -- yesterday come from the city. residents are telling us that this is bigger than those who commit the murders.
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they say that governments officials, that those in charge , they are not necessarily the die-hard fans. >> they understand that there are more trials to come with more police and security officials standing trial for this? are they aware of that? are are we seeing what emotions based on the verdict and sentencing? -- raw emotions based on the verdict and sentencing? >> it is actually part of their anger, that the police have not been sentenced. and that meanwhile, the football fans are being sentenced. all of these logical arguments, if you will, lose ground amongst the motion. remember, at the height of the
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violence yesterday, when the military court arrived to put an end to the ongoing clashes outside, people said they were going to stop the military saying they wanted the port to secede from the country and become its own republic. they only allow the military tanks to go through after they pulled off the egyptian flag. >> as the pictures indicates, it is a tense and hot situation there. thank you for reporting there. in northern mali, residents there are celebrating the retreat as the rebels were forced from the airport. we have the report from the border. >> this is the city. french soldiers are now in control of what was considered a rebel stronghold.
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>> this is an historic day. i want to thank france for giving us this of a jury. thank you, france. >> the ammunition pools are now just rubble. those who have controlled the city have fled. as soon as the rebels left, the people attacked was left behind. large parts of the town are deserted. the french troops now have their sights on timbuktu, the main city in western mali. ground troops continue to advance towards it. an international force, driving rebels away from the bridge. it is now controlled by soldiers. this exclusive al-jazeera video is from the town where the people have compacted.
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>> the bombing began at night, while we were asleep. >> but some people were injured. soldiers are taking command of the area. >> they are taking steps to push out the rebels would backlashes affecting thousands. hundreds are working daily in overcoming. >> this is one of the main ethnic groups in mali. they have faced years of discrimination from the government. muhammed is a chief who fled. he said that those with light skin have been targeted the most. >> most people in my town, black-and-white, fled. as the district chief i tried to stay behind, but had to flee in the end as well.
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>> many of the refugees would not talk about what was happening back home. most of the refugees were still traumatized. >> african leaders are expected to speed up the employment of the african led force. >> molly might not have been the first subject on the formal agenda of this summit. it is certainly what is concentrating the minds of what they are talking about in the private meetings together. in coming out we are expected to see leaders gathering around the table, wondering whether they will be briefed once the president talks about the speed of the deployment of african forces tamale. right now we know only about 1000 of those peacekeepers arrived and most of them were near the front lines.
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there are reasons for that, some of them, i think, according to the african leaders, were legitimate reasons. they want additional help from the community. there are things that the african army does not have. they need logistical support and air support, transport to bring more troops and to bring the vital supplies needed to keep them there. the other issue that has not been resolved at all is who is going to pay for this operation. on tuesday, african leaders will be meeting representatives of the international community, trying to raise money for this operation. >> still to come -- >> the priority for aid workers and government officials is to reach as many people as possible who are stranded. >> accusations of a massacre after a prison riot in venezuela.
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>> hello. for many of us across europe, the weather is turning milder. you can see it fighting its way in, pushing its way against and turning everything into rain. mild will be the order of the day over the next couple of days. 10 degrees, you can see yet another system pushing its way in on friday and monday. things will remain cold, but not quite as cold as it has been. across the other side of the mediterranean, unsettled weather, the same system is over europe, and through the northern part of algeria and there are
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more showers coming during the day. marching its way eastward, through parts of libya as well, it is all part of the same system that is affecting us in the middle east as well. quite a few outbreaks of rain, for the weather is stretching its way down ter]
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>> top stories knell on al- jazeera, a nightclub fire has killed as many as 90 people in southern brazil. dozens of reports of injuries in the town of santa maria.
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thousands are marching in the egyptian city. calling for the downfall of the government. in northern mali the residents are celebrating the retreat of the military force. as well as the only bridge leading into the strategic city. in northern myanmar, biters have been forced to retreat to their headquarters after losing a key outpost. the rebels are coming under attack from government helicopters, and they are accusing the government of using chemical weapons in the area. >> up to this day there have been only a few occasions where the use this. it is a serious site.
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as well for the population. like last year, they called it yellow rain. this especially affected the children. >> military helicopters are rushing to rescue torrential rain and flooding across the south. 36 people have been killed and 70,000 displaced. we have reports from some of the worst hit areas. >> they had been working for hours, but the water quickly runs out. >> a few minutes away, she calls to say she does not know how she will pay for the damage done to her house.
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>> look at this. >> the government kept saying that we would be all right. then we woke up at 3:00 in the morning and saw water in our home. there was nothing we could do. >> families that did not leave struggled to cope. >> for people who decided to stay, the only way to get in and out of these areas is by foot in water that is sometimes waist deep. >> food is running out. these people are carrying things they found in an abandoned warehouse. other people hope that what they could not carry would still be there, not damaged by the water. government officials fear that it will get worse if the rain continues. officials are trying to stop the water from cutting off the only supply route to the capital city, but it could be some time.
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aljazeera, mozambique. >> 24 policemen have been killed in separate attacks in afghanistan. 10 officers, including the local head of counter terrorism, attacked by a suicide bomber, with another four policeman killed. this new video cassette to show the aftermath of the strife. the intense attacks have been reported there for the past few months as government forces tried to oust rebel fighters. thousands of people have joined the protest rallies in the united states to call for tougher gun control. the issue is set to dominate the american public in the coming years as president obama attempts to reform the legislation. >> this market was very
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personal. >> so many shots with an assault rifle, there is no real for this to happen. just minding his own business, going home. >> at 7:38 in the morning, shot in the head. >> dmitri was two days away from his 17th birthday when the bullets flew through the windows of his school. his father marches it violently, displaying his story. among the signs with slogans, there are many pictures -- each will of these people. asked to share the sad story of a violent end.
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this is a grassroots movement created by a handful of concerned mothers. >> this is a program that barack obama called for. he realizes that their members of both parties with no interest in seeing gun-control pass through congress. >> his secretary was not helped -- was on hand to reassure this crowd. >> this is about gun responsibility and gun safety. >> the legislation proposed this week does nothing about the estimated 3 million assault weapons currently own in the u.s.. he does realize that even the current proposals, calling for background checks and limiting the number of guns bought in the future might not pass congress.
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the pro-gun wrought -- pro-gun lobby boasts 4 million members and is likely to take a larger club to the side in which there will be heard. >> the u.s. justice department sentencing web site is back up after briefly been hijacked by hackers. the attack was said to be a response to the suicide of a hacker charged with computer fraud. it is 40 years since an agreement was signed in the vietnam war. 1.5 million people died in the conflict and it has taken decades to amend the diplomatic ties. rosalynn jefferies has more on what bees countries of to gain from compromise. >> we have concluded the meeting to put an end to the war and bring peace to viet nam. >> after 58,000 american lives, hundreds of thousands of
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vietnamese killed, and 20 years of trying to keep vietnam from becoming a communist nation, president nixon announced the truce that there would contend to the vietnam war. 40 years afterwards, they have a thriving relationship and in the past five years the emphasis has shifted to security cooperation. >> we will be strengthening our presence in asia pacific. >> an effort to counterbalance the influence of china. a longtime observer says that ho chi minh city is not interested in being a mother irina between the superpowers. >> i do not believe that they want to cultivate a relationship so close to the united states that it would harm their relationship china. >> when the defense secretary visited in 2012, he did not talk
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about the military losses, but about the gains to be had. >> it will be particularly important to be able to work with partners like vietnam, to be able to use partners like this as we move our ships -- ships from the port of the west coast to our stations here in the pacific. >> an effort to build ties with a former enemy, one generation later. >> larry jacobs is a political commentator focusing on southeast asia and says the vietnamese welcome u.s. trade. >> really, what most average vietnamese feel is that the americans could be a good ally in countering chinese influence. the fact that the u.s. is back and there is a creeping military cooperation, certainly one could not have foreseen it at the
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time, but certainly in the last 10 years there has been plenty of evidence that the vietnamese leadership has been anxious to broaden their security umbrella and involve the u.s. in the region, not just vietnam. >> few of chavez has been battling complications from cancer surgery. implications were read out to reporters in chile. and they did not offer details of when the president would return, but did say that he has overcome his respiratory infection and is politically active. in venezuela the government is being accused of a massacre after a prison riot. 60 inmates were killed after soldiers for sent in to look for weapons. >> yet another prison tragedy in venezuela. each one worse than before. the names of the dead are posted. family members sit and wait to
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receive the remains of their loved ones. >> we want an investigation into exactly what happened. we also want to know how many are dead. there are many bodies and a number of places here in the city and until now the -- until now they have yet to release any information as to how
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